Quick-fire thoughts on some old anime

Some short, impression-type reviews of old, but relative anime of interest. I tried to put down what most immediately came to mind what I thought of these anime without thinking too much. If you haven’t watched some these, definitely check them out. It’ll be well-worth your time for sure as a couple of these rank among my all-time favorites. If you don’t know a particular anime is about, check out the ANN links below for the summaries.

Monster: A+
Kino’s Journey: B
Berserk: A
Code Geass: B
PlanetES: A
Elfen Lied: B
Black Lagoon: A-


Monster - Rating: A+

I loved Monster, an incredibly unique anime, there’s nothing else like it. The twists are absolutely fantastic, a very intricate, mature story. I watched it to the end of the anime and figured that it didn’t really end there. I guessed right and found the manga’s end. I can see why they ended it there but the manga ending is also very good and neatly wraps up all the lose ends.


Berserk - Rating: A

A fan favorite for sure. Berserk’s awesome but MAN is it dark after the anime. It’s really tough for me to read the manga some times because so much messed up stuff happens in there. I swear I was depressed for like the whole day after watching the ending of Berserk in the anime. Talk about a sucker punch.


PlanetES - Rating: A

An excellent, excellent anime, really surprised me how good it was. I thought it was going to be mediocre from such a simple, mundane premise but the short stories were very engaging and well-told. Just goes to show you that any anime executed well can make anything look cool (even space garbage men). I loved the ending too.


Kino's Journey - Rating: B-

It’s not badly made or anything, I can see why people like it. But I did not like the pacing or the stark contrast of different overtones in the series. It goes from light and easy-going to dark and gloomy and back far too quickly for me. At times, it drags, though clearly it was intentional most of the time to set the style of the series. Usually the type of slow anime I’m used to are ones with a whole lot of exposition; Kino is just the opposite, with a lackadaisical, taking it easy approach. Sidenote, [*SPOILER*] kind of annoyed me how they pulled the old girl guy switcherwoo, my sad explanations for that in an upcoming post.[/*SPOILER*]


Code Geass - Rating: B

A pretty conventional mech soap-opera anime but I really liked it at first because the main character’s an asshole. I always like that. Still, in the second season, the novelty has worn off and I got tired of watching it on a weekly basis. It can get incredibly corny and melodramatic a lot of the time but I’ll stick with it. Melodrama is a part of 90% of anime. It will be better to marathon this type of anime to pull me in better and get rid of my suspension of disbelief.

Black Lagoon - Rating: A-

Excellent anime. One of the very few anime that has an amazingly smart, well-written script. In most anime, the bad guy’s are always talking about how death is life in the most ridiculously roundabout way. Black Lagoon does that too and yet pull it off with superb execution as the characters seem very grounded in reality. I love that. Also, the hyper-Pulp-Fiction-esque world of mercenaries and mafias is pretty damn much all kinds of awesome. Didn’t care for the ending saga in the anime though.


Elfen Lied - Rating: B-

Jesus Christ this was gory! Easily one of the most violently graphic modern anime. Old school anime used to achieve this level of violence all the time, taking cues from Fist of the North Star and Ninja Scroll, but these days it’s a very rare sight to see an anime reach that plateau of gruesomeness. It’s ludicrous to realize that the amount of gore in Elfen Lied is actually at the same level of the Berserk manga. And you completely wouldn’t expect it from the conventional, run-of-the-mill character designs. It’s like watching 7-year olds rock out to some death metal. I give them props for being very unique in that respect.


One Response to “Quick-fire thoughts on some old anime”

  1. Being a recreational anime watcher, I’ve watched very few anime, only every choose to follow through on a whole series if the first 5 episodes pull me in.

    And of that lot you mentioned Code Geass did that so far, I have to admit the asshole, semi-sadistic Leoluch is a great character so far. 😛

    But I’m dissapointed in not seeing any Gundam at all. Of the tpo anime of all time lists, Bleach only gets ranked 18th, with Code Geass coming first, Gundam 00 coming second, Gundam Seed (bleh) coming somewhere in the top 10, and Gundam Wing coming in around rank 15-20.

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