Pile of shame…for sexist reasons?

These are anime that I purposely and intentionally haven’t gotten around to, despite the hype or critical praise. Why? For a very stupid, sexist reason I will admit.

Claymore - haven't watched


I feel bad, not to mention idiotic, for saying this, but I have a predisposition against anime where the main characters are females. Unless it’s a comedy, it’s very hard for me to want to watch it. It’s silly because it has nothing to do with the anime but it’s just that complete lack of connection to the perspective of the main character puts me off. A lot of anime hook me with the “damn he’s a badass” click. Doesn’t quite work for me switched around.

Also, after watching the first episode, it annoys me how the main character’s sidekick is the wimp-but-I’ll-get-stronger kid. I hate that archetype.

SAC - haven


I always hear good things about this…but the premise just doesn’t interest me. I tire of the “bad-guy-of-the-week” procedural anime, though I’m sure this series executed the formula well.

Twelve Kingdoms - haven

Twelve Kingdoms

Perhaps not as well-known among the newer generation, but always talked about in the discussion of anime classics. It’s funny, the only good anime I haven’t seen are likely ones that have girl’s as the main character. I truely am a sexist idiot. I always hear great things about this series, but unfortunately I’d have to know somebody in real life who loved it and they’d have to shove it in my face to get me to watch it.

The truly sad thing about all this is that these dispositions, I know it wouldn’t stop me from liking any of these anime. Despite my bias, it’s impossible for me to not recognize a good anime and if it’s genuine, then it’ll grow on me and I won’t be able to help but enjoy it, girl main character or not. However, what it does do is stop me from even giving these anime a chance to begin with. My loss, I know.


2 Responses to “Pile of shame…for sexist reasons?”

  1. Nahkatakkimies Says:

    GitS: SAC – monster fo the week


  2. A lot anime are mystery/badguy/smonster/situation-of-the-week types, one of my favorite anime Monster is just that, though it has an overarching story arc like most of the good ones. Er, isn’t that the type of anime this is? I dunno, I haven’t watched it, I just assumed that from the trailers.

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