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Bleach & Naruto Canon Resume – Hooray!

Posted in anime, impressions with tags , , on October 20, 2008 by daeyeth

At long last! The dead space is over! Both Naruto and Bleach have finally finished their irritatingly long filler sagas as represented by the new openings. If there’s one thing I’m glad for about fillers and their imported characters is that you never have to see them again once their saga is over…..with the one exception being Bleach and those 3 ridiculous muppet-thing characters. I can’t believe they’re still moping around, what disgusting blemishes they are.

Anyways, Naruto restarted its canon a while earlier and I’m very happy that things are finally getting serious and ramping up. Plus, it’s finally caught up to where I stopped reading the manga, yay. Onto the story, I was surprised and pleased at the twist at the end of team Shikamaru’s fight vs the two Akatsuki. Naturally no spoilers but let me just say that the best emotionally engaging stories are ones where the characters actually experience lasting and permanent repercussions/consequences. Think about the new Indiana Jones movie and how Indy survived a nuke and you’ll get what I’m talking about. On the negative side however, Naruto still has the stupidest flashbacks in existence. Are you seriously gonna show me a flashback from five minutes ago? It’s sad but that seriously isn’t a joke or an exaggeration. I can’t believe such a good anime will pull off something as low as that…

For Bleach, only 15 minutes of the rebooted canon have begun so I don’t much to say on that note. One thing I will say is that, so far, I’ve been fairly disappointed with the released forms of the Espada. Not so much with Grimmjow specifically, just in general. This is more of a personal preferrence, but for me, the further Bleach gets away from sword fights and into monster battles, the less interesting they are. I mean, even with the Shinigamis bankai. Ichigo’s bankai is incredibly badass because all it is is a black katana.

When you get into the more outlandish bankais like Renji’s dragon thing, I don’t find it cool or interesting in the least, like I’m watching someone fight Godzilla…but that’s a bad analogy because Godzilla is pretty damn cool. Okay, it’s like they all just turn into random tentacle monsters, that’s how I see them. Grimmjow’s final form has the most likeable design for me and yet his special moves were pretty lame. That’s the other thing. Even if the design is alright, how cool can a “monster’s” special attack be? I would of rather seen him bust out some more sick katana moves or finger lasers. Finger lasers are always cool. Again, this is just a personal preference, one that I have for all anime. The more outlandish, monster-ish characters or abilities get, the less interesting I find them.

On a final word, I do have another review & analysis in the works. I just finished Code Geass, both seasons, so I’m working on a full writeup now. This one is gonna be rather long so it’s taking me a while. I’m also watching the 2nd season of Gundam 00 so I may write a retrospective on the first season. Quick thoughts on that, Gundam 00 has the best mech-battle chereography I have ever seen…but I really I hate retconning. That is to say, bringing back a dead character through the form of an identical twin brother? That’s disgustingly lazy writing.