Heyo, I’m daeyeth. I’m a gamer, anime hobbyist, student illustrator, and I love a good story.

I’ve opened this blog so I can post my musing on anime I am currently watching in public. I always have a thousand and one words in my head after watching an anime, particularly a good one, yet I could never find an appropriate place to express myself. Thus, Anime Analytical was created.

I review, analyze, and critique anime I am currently watching or have watched. Most of the shows I discuss are the latest, most current anime airing in Japan but isn’t limited to only them. I don’t like missing out on a good anime so I’ll often backtrack to shows that have a lot of clamor surrounding them. Even if I’m not really interested in the premise, I’ll force myself to watch it. Thankfully, this compulsion of mine almost always works out in my favor. I find that if an anime is truly good, no matter how out of my element the series is, I just won’t be able to help myself and I’ll end up enjoying it.

A good story transcends.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice page daeyeth to bad Wehr are soo camping atm, love yout anime review, thx soo much

    happly regards Lawl2ence

  2. daeyeth anime boy ftw!! entertainment boy. games/anime etc/

  3. do u like manga? martial arts manga? veritas. gundam 00 s2

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