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Grade Definitions

Posted in site on September 24, 2008 by daeyeth

I just realized that I haven’t explained what I consider A anime and what I consider B, so here it is. It’s not quite what you may have thought they were. An A isn’t just a good anime, it’s an absolutely incredible one. A B isn’t average, it’s better than most of the stuff currently there.

A = Fantastic, the best of the best

I do not give out As lightly. For an anime to get A, they can’t just be great, they have to be considered some of the best anime ever created. They are classics, must-watch, plateaus of the medium. That’s what an A is in my book and that’s what I mean when I give one out. I have given out more As than Cs but that’s only because these are the anime I mainly cover. I don’t bother writing about C anime and if I find A anime, you can be damn sure I’m going to post about it.

B = Better than average, unique in some way

I will typically only cover anime that rise above the conventions of their peers and succeed in doing something fresh or have good execution, enough to make them moderately memorable in some way. A good anime, worth checking out for sure.

C = Average, run-of-the-mill, cliche, forgettable

In general, I won’t bother talking about average anime. Average anime don’t provoke intellectual thought from me and therefore don’t deserve that treatment. They’re forgettable and should be forgotten. Most anime are Cs, honestly. Like those anime based off some ero-game, they’re a dime a dozen and indistinguishable from one another.

D = Childish, silly, or stupid

In my scale, a D is an anime that’s probably average but I really don’t like personally. Maybe I don’t like the characters, mayber it’s the premise, or maybe it’s the theme. An ecchi with a lot of fanservice or some terribly stupid slapstick style humor will get a D from me. I can usually spot these based on summary alone so, thankfully, I’m lucky enough to avoid these series most of the time.

F = Something went terribly terribly wrong, scarred for life

This anime seriously offends my intelligence in some way. Not only am I disgusted by this anime but I’m pissed that I was somehow suckered into wasting my time with it.


2008 Fall Update

Posted in anime, site with tags on September 1, 2008 by daeyeth

Sorry I been away for a while but I’m back after another marathon, finishing up two series that I’ve been really meaning to get around to (Kaiba and Kurenai). Will post my reviews soon.

Yeah, this is how I usually am. I don’t like to do the weekly thing. I’m impatient and I don’t feel it’s the best way to grasp anime. I prefer to wait until a series finishes then to marathon the whole thing and devour it in one delicious chunk. I tried to do recurring impressions but, meh, it’s tiring to tear down an anime episode by episode. So I probably won’t be doing those much, but I am committed to giving full analysises, reviews, and interim updates on where an anime is at the moment.

For instance, Naruto is finally back on canon! Yay! No more fillers! For now anyways lol. So Shippuden is almost at the point where I stopped reading the manga. It’s ironic, I don’t like reading shonen manga when there’s an anime adaptation. Because they’re action oriented, I would much rather watch cool battles animated with music and cool effects. My opinion hasn’t changed, I’m regretting spoiling what’s going to be an awesome fight in the near future. But I just couldn’t help it! That 80 episode barrage of fillers in the original Naruto was just too much to bear…. Damn you fillers, damn you! (Disclaimer: please refer to “Of Fillers and Concerning Naruto/Bleach”)

I can start watching Naruto again, which is good. Bleach is still on fillers, which is bad. Finishing Kaiba and Kurenai has reinvigorated my anime appetite however, so I’ll be on the look out for new anime. Code Gaess R2 is finishing up soon, I can probably try to get into Macross Frontier (original impressions turned me off), and I should probably do a retro review of Gundam 00 since a new season is probably coming some time. Btw, where the hell is the second season of Haruhi?! You know, I keep asking around on the internets and everybody always says “Oh yeah, it’s been confirmed, it’s coming”. I asked 2007. I’m dieing here.

That’s it for now.

About Anime Analytical

Posted in site on May 17, 2008 by daeyeth

Heyo, I’m daeyeth. I’m a gamer, anime hobbyist, student illustrator, and I love a good story.

I’ve opened this blog so I can post my musing on anime I am currently watching in public. I always have a thousand and one words in my head after watching an anime, particularly a good one, yet I could never find an appropriate place to express myself. Thus, Anime Analytical was created.

I review, analyze, and critique anime I am currently watching or have watched. Most of the shows I discuss are the latest, most current anime airing in Japan but isn’t limited to only them. I don’t like missing out on a good anime so I’ll often backtrack to shows that have a lot of clamor surrounding them. Even if I’m not really interested in the premise, I’ll force myself to watch it. Thankfully, this compulsion of mine almost always works out in my favor. I find that if an anime is truly good, no matter how out of my element the series is, I just won’t be able to help myself and I’ll end up enjoying it.

A good story transcends.