Rating Rubric

A = Fantastic, the best of the best

I do not give out As lightly. For an anime to get A, they can’t just be great, they have to be considered some of the best anime ever created. They are classics, must-watch, plateaus of the medium. That’s what an A is in my book and that’s what I mean when I give one out. I have given out more As than Cs but that’s only because these are the anime I mainly cover. I don’t bother writing about C anime and if I find A anime, you can be damn sure I’m going to post about it.

B = Better than average, unique in some way

I will typically only cover anime that rise above the conventions of their peers and succeed in doing something fresh or have good execution, enough to make them moderately memorable in some way. A good anime, worth checking out for sure.

C = Average, run-of-the-mill, cliche, forgettable

In general, I won’t bother talking about average anime. Average anime don’t provoke intellectual thought from me and therefore don’t deserve that treatment. They’re forgettable and should be forgotten. Most anime are Cs, honestly. Like those anime based off some ero-game, they’re a dime a dozen and indistinguishable from one another.

D = Childish, silly, or stupid

In my scale, a D is an anime that’s probably average but I really don’t like personally. Maybe I don’t like the characters, mayber it’s the premise, or maybe it’s the theme. An ecchi with a lot of fanservice or some terribly stupid slapstick style humor will get a D from me. I can usually spot these based on summary alone so, thankfully, I’m lucky enough to avoid these series most of the time.

F = Something went terribly terribly wrong, scarred for life

This anime seriously offends my intelligence in some way. Not only am I disgusted by this anime but I’m pissed that I was somehow suckered into wasting my time with it.


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